General Information

Classrooms are open from 8.30am with lessons commencing 8.50am. Morning Tea is 10.40am until 11am, Lunch is 12.30pm until 1.30pm, and school finishes at 3pm.


If a child is injured at school, first aid will be administered by a qualified First Aid staff member in either Junior or Senior school Sick Bay. In extreme cases, where immediate medical attention is required, an ambulance will be called and the parents will be notified immediately. It is essential parents keep the school up to date with personal, work and emergency contact phone numbers. School is not a place for sick children and parents will be requested to keep ailing children at home.

Should your child require medication to be administered by a staff member while at school, please print off this form, fill it out and return it to the appropriate office with your child’s medication.

Administering Medication


One of the many highlights of our school’s organisation are the many opportunities given to students to gain confidence in front of an audience. This includes the class assembly presentation on Friday afternoons. All classes have two presentation assemblies per year. Parents are welcome to attend and become involved with our assemblies.


If children are absent for any reason, parents are asked to fill in the online form on the home page of this website or phone the school office by 8.50am. If your child is absent and we receive no notification, the school will ring you for verification before 9.30 am. If you wish to collect your child at any time during the day, please send a note to their teacher prior or alternatively check at the office first.

Before and After School Care

club-meadowbank-logoClub Meadowbank operates out of the Bruce McLaren School Hall providing before school (7.30am-8.30am), and after school care (3pm-6pm), and school holiday programmes.

Please refer to Club Meadowbank’s website for further information


We allow Years 5 and 6 students to ride bikes to school. A formal instruction programme for these classes relating to bike and road safety is led by the Police. The law requires all children to wear a NZSS approved helmet. It is recommended that they have a suitable locking device. We have a policy of all care but no responsibility in relation to the security of bikes.


The school car parks are for staff only and they are not to be used as drop off  or pick up zones between 8am – 4pm. For safety reasons, parents and visitors are asked to park on the road paying careful attention not to park on the yellow lines or across our neighbours’ driveways.


We aim  to maintain a high standard of Teaching and Learning across all aspects of school life. Unfortunately there are times when we may not meet your expectations. Therefore if there is a concern or misunderstanding about the action of the school or an individual staff member, we ask that you follow the school Complaints Policy.

Please first approach the staff member concerned. If you still feel we have not dealt with the matter satisfactorily contact a member of the Management team (Principal or Deputies). If there is still no satisfaction contact the Board.

A full copy of the Complaints Policy can be found here or from both school offices.

Fees and Donations

Schools are predominately funded by the Ministry of Education but, to provide a full and varied curriculum, schools seek donation contributions from their parental communities. Our school donation provides the following:

  • Additional staffing – specialists, support staff and special programmes
  • Additional resources – classrooms, learning resources, ICT equipment
  • Staff Professional Development – we pride ourselves in keeping our staff up skilled

The donation is a voluntary request and a receipt is issued upon payment. Please note with any payment made towards the school donation before 31st March, entitles you to claim a 33% tax rebate. (Forms are available from IRD).

Compulsory Fees

The following fees are compulsory in order for your child to participate in the following:

  • Mathletics (year 2 to Year 4 only)– digital learning programs which can be used at home as well as school
  • Maths Whizz (Year 5 & 6 only)  –  – digital learning programs which can be used at home as well as school
  • Reading Eggs – digital learning programs which can be used at home as well as school
  • Hilton Brown Swimming lessons
  • Garden to Table (Year 4 & 5 only)
  • Camp (Year 6 only)
  • EOTC week (Education Outside the Classroom – Year 5 only)
  • Waterwise (Year 6 only)

Parents are invoiced for these fees at the beginning of the year, which can be paid either in full or each term. Please inform the school office if you wish to set up an automatic payment.

If you wish to pay through parent portal please use the following link and follow the steps.

Parent Portal

Hall Hire

The Bruce McLaren Hall was opened in June 2006 and has added great value to our school. We chose to name the building after our school’s most internationally prominent past pupil and a person whose achievements and values were worthy of aspiring to. The hall has a large auditorium with attached community room and kitchen facilities and it is available for hire.

Please contact Jo Badland on (09) 520 3739 or email to organise this –


A regular homework habit instils self-discipline and reinforces the skills and knowledge learnt at school. It enables parents to share in their child’s learning. The amount of work set varies according to class level. For Years 1 – 2 we recommend 10-15 minutes per night but for Years 3 – 6 we consider 20 – 30 minutes a night is ample. The focus is upon, reading, spelling, and basic facts/tables knowledge. Teachers assign weekly tasks which may include Reading Eggs and Mathletics.


FOMS run a sausage sizzle for lunch every alternate Friday and orders must be made on line by 9am on the Friday of the lunch.

The options available are: – sausage and bread, bottle of water and a cookie.  This  is an important fundraiser for the school and if you would like to help out please contact the FOM

On alternate Friday’s Pork Buns are available and must be ordered on-line by Wednesday.


No oral medication will be given by staff without prior written consent from parents. If your child requires medication this must be handed to the office for safe-keeping and will be administered as instructed. Containers must be clearly labelled with name, dosage etc. No medication should be kept in school bags or desks.

Walking School Bus

There are a number of walking school buses which offer pupils a safe supervised walk to school. The walking buses are endorsed by the school and run by parent volunteers. Parents are rostered to walk with the children to school, picking up children at stops along the designated routes. Benefits include reducing traffic congestion outside the school, healthy more active children and a chance for children and parents to get to know others in their local community.

Meadowbank is a Travelwise School which is supported by the Auckland City Council  –  please check out the link for more information  :

Click here to go to the site.

The five walking school buses currently available are:-

The Duck Express:-

8.10am      Corner of Manapau & Tahapa Crescent
8.15am      Corner of Meadowbank & Bonnie Brae Road (top of hill)
8.20am     Bonnie Brae Reserve
8.21am      Waiatarua Road Footbridge – entrance on MacPherson Street

For further information on the Duck Express please contact Heli Vakaafi –

The Millipede Walking School bus:

8.10am     22 Fancourt St.
8.15am     68 Temple St.
8.20am     Corner Lucia Glade & Temple St.
8.25am     58 Meadowbank Rd.

For further information on the Millipede please contact Nadia de Blaauw –

The Pukeko Express Bus

8:10am     Corner McFarland Street and Grand Drive
8:15am     Corner of Meadowbank Road and Remuera Road
8:20am     32 Meadowbank Road

For further information on the Pukeko Express Bus please contact Amanda Bethell

The Walkie Talkies school bus

8.15am        Corner Maungarei Road and Koraha Street
8.20am       Corner Debron Avenue and Koraha Street
8.22am       Corner Remuera Road and Koraha Street
8.25am       Corner Remuera Road Kelvin Road

For further information on the Koraha Bus please contact Kath Manning

The Gully Crossers Bus

8.15am      Upland Road
8.20am     Kenny Road
8.30am     Corner Lucerne and Benson Road

For further information on the Gully Crossers Bus please contact Becky Riley