Student Leadership

Developing Our Young Leaders

Leadership development in Year 5 and 6 is an important focus for us and we actively seek to grow our young leaders. Naturally they are the leaders of our school as role models to our younger students and we have high expectations of them to support us in upholding the standards and values of Meadowbank School. But we also know that our young leader’s leadership attributes require coaching and development.

At Meadowbank our leadership model is based around ‘Nests’ which each have a focus area – Enviro, Manaaki, House, Sports and Cultural. These Nests are led by our Year 5 and 6 teachers that meet fortnightly on Monday lunchtimes to develop leadership attributes and, as a Nest, work towards shared goals. 

Leadership isn’t just in the form of these Nests, but also in being a Librarian, Road Patroller, wet day monitor and a myriad of other opportunities across the school to school to show initiative and influence.

Meadowbank School garden to table

Enviro Nest

Our Enviro nest are the enviro warriors of the school. They work closely with Mrs Hannan to lead work in the gully, in recycling and sustainability and looking after our gardens.

Meadowbank School Children

Cultural Nest

This nest celebrates the cultural diversity we have at Meadowbank School. Language weeks, Cultural Picnics and cultural lunchtime clubs are where this group leads, serves and informs.

Meadowbank School big buddies

Manaaki Nest

This nest works with Mrs Shine on school culture to help promote kindness, inclusion and our values for all. Manaaki Club and peer support is where this nest shines!

Meadowbank School soccer kids

Sports Nest

Sports nest works with Mr Sullivan on main school events like Athletics Day, Cross Country, Swimming Sports, hold lunchtime sports events and oversee the sports shed roster on both sides of the school.

Meadowbank School students in the garden

House Nest

The Spirit nest are our school House Leaders and work to create a sense of whānau within the houses across the school. House lunches, chants, drumming up team spirit – this is the work of our House Spirit nest.