Resilient Tui

The Meadowbank Gully

An Oasis of Calm 

Aside from being an important link between our Junior and Senior Schools, our beautiful gully also hosts a community walkway and many stimulating, outdoor learning areas. 

Over the years, planting programmes carried out by the students, parents and staff, have left a legacy of mature native and exotic trees. Significant work has been undertaken to remove threatening exotic species privet and Acmena. Although planting is still ongoing nearly 20 years later, over 5000 trees were donated and planted between 1999 and 2005!

The school uses the gully for hands-on experiences in all aspects of the curriculum. Opportunities abound in biology, horticulture, conservation, recycling, ecology, design, technology, traditional uses of the bush, drama, art, maths and creative writing. 

Not only does Meadowbank School teach its students some important environmental principles about sustainability, the project also provides a recreational asset for our community. 

School Board and FOMs activities and grant applications, as well as sponsorship, have funded the development of this beautiful space. 

Please feel free to explore our Gully. We ask that you respect the plants and animals living here by keeping to the trails.