Resilient Tui

School Zone

All students residing within the geographic zone have entitlement to enrol at Meadowbank School.

The streets below the map are in the Meadowbank School zone.

Meadowbank School Zone

Streets Included in the Meadowbank School Zone

Appleyard Crescent
Benson Road (from 62/49 upwards)
Blackett Crescent
Bonnie Brae Road
Conrad Drive
Corinth Street
Crown Lane
Darwin Lane
Debron Avenue
Dover Place
Fancourt Street
Gerard Way
Grand Drive (from 18-206, 33-169)
Haast Street

Harapaki Street
Hilltop Street
Kapua Street
Keith Ave
Kelvin Road
Kenny Road
Kinder Place
Koa Street
Koraha Street (up to and including 71/86)
Lavender Court
Liley Place
Loch Street
Loreta Heights
Lucerne Road
Lucia Glade

MacPherson Street
Mamaku Street
Manapau Street
Mapiu Street
Mara Street
Martin Avenue
Maungarei Road
McFarland Street
Meadowbank Road
Meyrick Place
Monteith Crescent
Mt. Carmel Place
Ngapuhi Road
Parsons Road
Pukeora Ave
Purewa Road

Puroto Street
Remuera Road (610-end, 623-end)
Rose Park Crescent
Seascape Road
St. Johns Road (2-112 / 1-99)
Stoneyroyd Gardens
Tahapa Crescent
Temple Street
Towle Place
Upland Road
Ventnor Road
Waiatarua Road
Wimbledon Way
Winhall Rise