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When considering the subject of English, we firmly believe in the following principles:
  • Proficiency in English enhances student’s ability to comprehend, acquire knowledge, and develop skills that are essential for active involvement in their day-to-day lives.  We are dedicated to ensuring that all students have the opportunity to succeed in literacy.
  • English proficiency is a foundational aspect of achieving success in all areas of the curriculum.
  • We are committed to using explicit and evidence-based approaches, incorporating elements of Structured Literacy.
  • We are committed to challenging and supporting every student to reach their full potential in all aspects of the English curriculum
  • Our English Curriculum is designed to engage and motivate students, while also being personalised to meet the unique needs of each individual learner.
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Maths and Statistics

We follow the Best Evidence Synthesis of Effective Pedagogy in Mathematics.

An Ethic of Care
Caring classroom communities that are focussed on mathematical goals help develop students’ mathematical identities and proficiencies

Arranging for Learning
Effective teachers provide students with opportunities to work both independently and collaboratively to make sense of ideas.

Building on Students’ Thinking
Effective teachers plan mathematics learning experiences that enable students to build on their existing proficiencies, interests and experiences.

Worthwhile Mathematical Tasks
Effective teachers understand that the tasks and examples they select influence how students come to view, develop, use and make sense of mathematics.

Making Connections
Effective teachers support students in creating connections between different ways of solving problems, between mathematical representations and topics and between mathematics and everyday experiences.

Assessment for Learning
Effective teachers use a range of assessment practices to make students thinking visible and to support students learning

Mathematical Communication
Effective teachers can facilitate classroom dialogue that is focussed on mathematical argumentation.

Mathematical Language
Effective teachers shape mathematical language by modelling appropriate terms and communicating their meaning in ways that students understand.

Tools and Representations
Effective teachers carefully select tools and representations  to provide support for students’ thinking.

Teacher Knowledge
Effective teachers develop and use sound knowledge as a basis for initiating learning and responding to the mathematical needs of all their students.


NZ Curriculum Documentation - Maths
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A concept is an idea that is abstract, timeless, and broad; and can be shown through a variety of contexts. Our Concept Curriculum is designed for meaningful, relevant, responsive learning opportunities which run across a range of curriculum areas including Science, Social Sciences, the Arts, Technology, and Health and Physical Education.  

Curriculum Design

  • Students learn by making patterns and connections. 

  • Over their time at Meadowbank, students will have the opportunity to revisit the same concept two times in two different contexts. 

  • This provides students the opportunity to develop ‘big picture’ ideas and deeper, enduring understandings beyond the classroom. 

  • Six  concepts are to be covered over a three year period. They are:

    • Connections and Patterns
    • Diversity and Change
    • Structures and Discovery
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