FOMS (Friends of Meadowbank School)

FOMS is a voluntary parent group who organise essential fundraising and community events. They meet monthly to plan and organise their fun events.

Parents may wish to join FOMS or just be involved with specific events. All effort and contributions are most welcome.

If you would like be kept in the loop about upcoming events and where you can help out, please subscribe :

Karla Connor – Chair

Sarah Phillips – Deputy Chair

Sian Wilson – Secretary

Kirsty Gray – Treasurer

Sausage Sizzle occurs every second Friday, alternating with Pork Buns every other Friday.  We are proud to be serving Harmony 100% beef sausages provided by Neat Meat.  We also offer special lunches (sushi, pies etc) from time to time.

Click here to order your child’s lunch  or to place orders for other FOMS fundraisers.