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我校的中文课程从2011 年开始,现在有多于500名二到六年级的学生学习中文。每个学期学生们会学习不同的题目,如数字,水果,颜色等,学习词汇,句子,拼音和汉字,学习内容跟日常生活息息相关。另外,学生们也会尝试各种文化活动如书法,中国画,剪纸,庆祝中国新年等等,从而学习博大精深的中国文化。

We have a specialist Chinese Language teacher, Amy Ko. The Mandarin programme at Meadowbank School began in 2011. Now, more than 600 students in Years 2 to 6 attend 2 Mandarin lessons per week. A range of topics, such as numbers, colours and fruit, has been covered, with the children learning vocabulary and useful sentences. The children have also been given opportunities to experience a number of Chinese cultural activities such as Calligraphy, Chinese painting and paper cutting.

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