Values, Key Competencies and Citizenship

At Meadowbank School we consider the New Zealand Curriculum Key Competencies and Values to be hugely significant  to a well-rounded education.

There are five Key Competencies within the New Zealand Curriculum which are considered valuable to be active learners and contributors in modern societies. These dispositions are; Thinking, Using Language, Symbols and Texts, Managing Self, Relating to Others, and Participating and Contributing. Teachers ensure that learning opportunities support these skills and student have personal goals to promote development.

Our core values are Courtesy, Courage and Constancy and we endeavour to prepare our students for a full and rewarding life.  Our aim is to enhance your child’s strengths; develop their potential; and celebrate their individuality.

Values are the deeply held beliefs which society deems to be important. As a school, and through consultation we have also developed our school specific values. These values are woven through the curriculum at every level and are both modelled and taught.

Every week during our whole school assemblies we celebrate our most stand-out citizens. Teachers select students whose actions consistently demonstrate high Values and Key Competencies. One child from the Junior school and one from the Senior school are selected to receive the respective Citizenship Trophies.