Recreation Programme Introduction

Club Meadowbank runs a Recreation Programme that offers a broad range of extracurricular activities after school during the term. External professional coaches and tutors are invited to Club Meadowbank to run these activities. The activity fees are directly paid to external providers. Online bookings are essential for all of these activities.

Arrangements should be made for parents who might not be able to arrive at the school in time for pick-ups directly after the respective activities of the Recreation Programme finish. As such, our After School Care Programme is an excellent and convenient option here but bookings are essential.

Please note all children need to meet Club Meadowbank staff for roll calls before being escorted to their respective activities, do not instruct your children to go straight to the Recreation Programme especially in the event of a venue change.

  • Children∗ from the Junior School are to meet the Club Meadowbank staff at the Oaktree for the roll call and then walked to the Senior School.
  • Children∗ from the Senior School Campus are to meet the Club Meadowbank Staff in the school hall for the roll call and head to the activity venue with a staff member.

∗ First sessions only

Term 4 – 2023 Recreation Programme | Schedule & Booking Info

Tennis – Term 4

When:   Monday, 9 October to Monday, 11 December (no tennis on Monday, 23 October)

Classes: 3:30pm – 4:30pm and 4.30pm – 5.30pm

Learn German with Mahi  –  Term 4

Monday 9 October to Monday, 18 December

Cost: $100 for Beginners  –  3.30pm to 4pm

Cost: $300 for Advanced  – 4pm to 4.45pm


Creative Art Classes –  Term 4

Monday classes  –  3.30pm to 4.30pm
9 October to 18 December (no class Labour Day, Monday, 23 October)

Friday classes – 3.30pm to 4.30pm
13 October to 15 December (no classes on Friday, 10 November – Teacher Only Day)

How: Online Booking



Learn French with Mahi  –  Term 4

Every Tuesday  from 10 October until 12 December

Cost: $10

3.30pm to 4.45pm


Chess  –  Term 4

When:   Tuesday 10 October to 5 December – all players welcome

Cost: $215 per student



Classes: 3:30pm – 4:30pm

Basketball  –  Term 4

Every Tuesday from 10 October to 12 December

Cost: $141 for 10 sessions

For:  Year 3-6  3:30pm –  4:30pm

How: Online Booking

Speech and Drama  –  Term 4

Every Wednesday from 11 October to 29 November

Cost: Liaise directly with Shine

Classes: 3:30pm – 4:15 pm & 4:15 pm – 5:00pm

To book :

Chinese Language  –  Term 4

Every Wednesday from 11 October to 13 December

Cost: $45 per lesson (10 week course) plus $12 per term for teaching materials

How: Online Booking


For: Year 1 to 6

Classes: 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm (Intermediate)

Aquarelle Art Classes –  Term 4

Every Wednesday  –  11 October to 6 December

3.30pm to 5pm

Cost : $288 per student

Booking on line :

General Science –  Term 4

Every Thursday from 12 October until 7 December

Cost: $315.00

3.30pm to 4.30pm

To book  :

Football  –  Term 4

Wednesday, 11 October to 13 December
Thursday,  12 October to 14 December

$160 per student


Year 1-6  3:30pm –  4:30pm

To register your child into Football sessions:

  • Returning members enter your username and password
  • New members: Register as Non-player, then select Training Only Registration
  • After you have logged in using your username and password
  • Click on “Task” at the top of your toolbar
  • In the drop-down menu, you will see Purchases and Booking
  • Click on School Club Recreation Programme to process the booking

Little Cooks –  Term 4

Every Friday, 13 October  to 8 December  –  Garden to Table Room

Cost $304 per student

Bookings made directly with Little Cooks:-